Holidays in September: Now it’s your turn!

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Every time we think of summer, we have an immediate thought of the heat, the beach, a refreshing drink in a nice terrace… And the tourists during the months of July and August…😒 If you love: laying on the beach with your towel without invading the person next to you, going to a seaside restaurant without having to face an endless wait for a table with view, strolling around in mild temperatures… Then September is the ideal month for you to travel!

At Logitravel we know the reasons why you like to delay your holidays. The following lines sum up the main reasons why travelling in September is a great idea!

Its promotions

The month of September comes along with the back to school and work. In fact, most companies start their new year planning in September. For the lucky ones who can choose their holiday period, this month offers many advantages. First: saving money! Indeed, delaying your holidays allow travellers to benefit from the best offers in the market. Both seaside destinations and Europe’s main cities offer very competitive prices for late holidaymakers. Working all summer deserves a reward, doesn’t it? Take advantage from our September offers and enjoy a well deserved holiday!

Indian summer

Another reason why September is an ideal month for travelling, its because it’s found in between the unbearable heath but does not yet found within the chilly months of autumn. It’s the perfect balance between the two climates. For those who look for a seaside destination, you can still get a proper tan (and it will last longer than the one you get in July!). Days are shorter and, trust us, this is a plus! You can enjoy sunsets a little earlier and continue with a delicious dinner. The party afterwards will also start earlier!

Young woman enjoying her holidays in September

Young woman enjoying her holidays in September tourism

Better adults only offer

More and more, childless people enjoy their holidays far from family atmosphere. If you are looking for that sort of holiday, September holidays are for you. As said before, September comes along with the beginning of the school term, therefore the end of the family holidays. You and your friends will be the only ones playing at the pool! In the capitals, you will be able to enjoy the cultural offer during school hours (and with no background noise!).

A couple on holidays to Malta in September

A couple on holidays to Malta in September

Less saturated spaces

Let’s be hones, we love to be able to enjoy our own space, and this is something hard to achieve on a July or August holiday. It is true that nobody likes queues and waiting lists at restaurants and tourist places… And the worst? Congestion! In September, you will have the chance to book a table in the restaurant of your choice and at the time you want. If you are driving, the roads will be yours. You will also meet holidaymakers or commuters coming back from work. The space is yours!

A young couple enjoying some holidays in September

A young couple enjoying some holidays in September

To conclude,  we would like to give you a last thought: no matter when you go on holidays, no matter where you go on holidays, the main thing is to enjoy! 🍹✈️

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