Ocean Cay And Marine Conservation with MSC Cruises


Ocean Cay  is a private island located in The Bahamas, specifically in the Bimini chain of islands. The island is known for its stunning natural beauty, including pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life.

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve has been developed by MSC Cruises and they transformed the previously industrial island into a tropical paradise. Cleaning up the environment, removing industrial infrastructure, and creating a sustainable and eco-friendly destination for their cruise passengers. The island can only be accessed by MSC Cruises guests on Caribbean sailings.

Activities on Ocean Cay typically include swimming, snorkelling, water sports, sunbathing, and exploring the island’s natural beauty. There are also various dining and entertainment options available to visitors, making it a complete destination for cruise ship passengers.

Activities in Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Marine Conservation And Sustainability At Ocean Cay

Island And Ocean Clean-Up

Firstly, MSC Cruises made significant efforts to clear the island and the surrounding ocean bed from all discarded debris. 1,500 tons of scrap metal have been removed and transported with barges to a dedicated US-based licensed waste contractor.

Safeguarding Coral Colonies

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

In addition , during the development works, a team of marine biologists and expert divers carefully removed 400 individual hard coral colonies from debris on the ocean bed and relocated them to an approved location outside the construction area with the long-term vision of encouraging the coral to grow and repopulate.

Introducing Native Flora

Furthermore, actions were taken to create a biodiverse and sustainable environment. 4,600 trees and palms will be planted across the island, totalling over 75,000 plants and shrubs. Over 95% of all newly planted species will be native Caribbean.

Coral Reef Restoration

Therefore, Ocean Cay will become a base for marine biologists to conduct scientific research into coral restoration. Through the MSC Foundation, MSC will work with local partners to establish a thriving coral nursery in waters around Ocean Cay.

Conservation Centre

Equally important, a purpose-built scientific Conservation Centre will be built and serve as a facility for biologists and coral reef experts. The Centre will be equipped with laboratories and facilities for coral research and education.

MSC Foundation

In fact, the conservation activities on the island will be supported by the MSC Foundation. The Foundation was created in 2018 to support causes that protect and preserve the oceans and raise awareness about the importance of marine protection.

Energy Efficient And Solar-Powered

The island is equipped with a solar farm able to produce 600KW of electric power with additional storage of 150 KW, to cover for energy needs of up to 750 KW. There is only LED lighting on the island and the electricity is managed by a smart grid.

Advanced Water Recycling

Our zero-impact wastewater system will process wastewater and sewage in a closed loop cycle. Sewage will be treated through very advanced filtration and decontamination so it can be reused for watering the vegetation on the island.

Free Of Single-Use Plastics

Without a doubt, single-use plastics will not be used on the island. This includes food items or staff dining items. In addition, there will be no single-use plastic bottles on the island. Instead, water fountains can be found across the island.


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