Exploring Morocco’s cultural richness


Morocco offers to visitors a unique trip that combines tradition and modernity, through its captivating cities, such as Marrakech, Fez and Chefchaouen; and the multiple experiences it offers to travelers, sports, cultural, historical, gastronomic… Discover this fantastic destination!



Moroccan culture reflects the ethnic diversity forged as a result of the varied influences that the country has had over the years. At the heart of this mosaic are cities such as Marrakech, Fez and Essaouira, whose historic centers or “medinas” are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO for their great beauty.

Marrakech, known as the “Red City”, is home to a vibrant and lively medina, full of palaces, gardens and bazaars. One of its highlights is the emblematic Jemaa el-Fna Square, where street artists, street sellers and musicians will show you the authentic Moroccan essence.

Chefchaouen, the “Blue City”, is a visit not to be missed. The white and blue colors of its buildings create a unique visual atmosphere and its medina is home to charming streets full of souks or markets of handicrafts, textiles and ceramics, which is a pleasure to get lost.

We cannot fail to mention the medina of Fez, famous for its historic mosques, madrasas or Koranic schools and souks; that of Essaouira, a coastal city that combines Moroccan and Portuguese architecture; and, among many others, that of Tetouan, where Hassan II Square is the focal point.

Another highlight of the culture is its hospitality with visitors. We recommend staying in riads, traditional houses converted into hotels, where you will live an authentic cultural immersion experience and will feel at home.


Morocco’s diversity allows outdoor sports enthusiasts to find the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation, with activities such as surfing and golf.


The country’s Atlantic coasts are known for their defiant waves, making it a world-class surfing destination that attracts all types of surfers, from beginners to professionals. Places like Taghazout, a small fishing village with long beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, have become a paradise for surfers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more relaxed experience, there are some impressive golf courses. Marrakech, for example, has renowned courses with spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains, such as the Royal Golf of Marrakech or the Palmeraie Golf Palace, two places where golf enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in an unrivaled environment.


Moroccan cuisine is a fusion of flavors, influenced by the country’s rich history and geographical location, where dishes are a mix of spices, fresh herbs, citrus fruits and tender meats.


One of the most emblematic dishes is couscous, which, although served in different ways, stands out with vegetables or lamb. Meanwhile, the tajine is a slow-cooked stew in a pot and made with apricots, almonds and plums, a real Moroccan speciality that you have to try.

Not forgetting exquisite recipes such as pastela, a puff pastry filled with meat, almonds, eggs and spices; or harira, a traditional Moroccan soup made with tomato, lentils, chickpeas and meat. You will love it!

In the local markets, known as souks, you can find exotic spices, fresh fruits and traditional sweets such as honey and almond cakes, also called shebakia. And, of course, don’t miss the opportunity to try mint tea, a common and delicious drink in Moroccan cuisine.

Morocco will captivate all your senses with its rich culture, exciting sporting activities and delicious cuisine. Immerse yourself in this exciting country!

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