Best Cruise Lines for Mature Travellers


When looking for the best UK cruise lines for adults and more mature travellers, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of experience you’re seeking, the destinations you’re interested in, and the onboard amenities that matter to you.

We’ve put together a list of some cruise lines we believe are perfect for those looking for an adult-only, more traditional feeling holiday at sea.

Best Cruise Lines For Mature Travellers

P&O Cruises

This cruise line offers a diverse range of itineraries, from short breaks to longer voyages. Their ships provide a mix of entertainment, dining options, and onboard activities, making it suitable for adults who enjoy variety. P&O also offers adult-only ships if you prefer this type of cruising.


Cunard is known for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. With their iconic transatlantic crossings and luxury voyages, they often attract adults seeking a refined experience, including formal evenings and cultural enrichment activities. This cruise line’s acommodations are wonderful, read about Cunard’s Cabins and Suites here.

Fred. Olsen

Fred Olsen specialises in providing a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Their smaller ships can access unique ports, and their itineraries often appeal to adults who appreciate exploration and cultural experiences.

Viking Cruises

This cruise line focuses on providing cultural enrichment and destination-focused experiences. Their itineraries often include longer port stays and immersive activities, appealing to adults who want to delve into the local culture.

Ambassador Cruise Line

This British style cruise line has gained momentum since its launch and is now a very popular cruise line for more mature travellers. The line’s ships are small enough to retain their intimacy but large enough to give that feeling of space. Their ship Ambition has an amazing Spa to discover.


While not a UK-based line, Azamara offers smaller ships with a focus on destination immersion and unique experiences. They cater to adults who are interested in in-depth exploration and a more intimate onboard environment.

Holland America

Another non-UK line worth considering, Holland America offers a blend of traditional cruising with modern amenities. They provide a wide range of enrichment programs and culinary experiences that can appeal to adults.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offer a contemporary and upscale experience. Their ships feature modern design, diverse dining options, and a variety of entertainment choices, catering to adults looking for a stylish and lively atmosphere.

Costa Cruises

Ideal for those seeking a multi-cultural sailing, Costa Cruises offers some fabulous itineraries at low prices, making especially solo travel far more appealing when it comes to holidaying at sea.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises also have some great prices for solo guests and with sailings directly from the UK, they make it even easier to hop onboard and get away. Offering larger ships, you’ll certainly never be bored!

Ambassador Cruise line

Ambassador Cruise line focuses on mature guests

Best Destinations for Mature travellers

All the above cruise lines offer sailings across the world, so wherever you want to go, you can!

With this in mind, if this is your first time considering a cruise, you could opt for short Taster cruises, to see if a holiday at sea is for you.

Whereas, if you’re a seasoned cruiser, you could embark on anything from a 1-week Mediterranean holiday to a 3-month-plus world cruise! The world is your oyster.

Besides, you also have the option of no-fly cruising, which will take the hassle out of needing to start your holiday via an airport. Some cruise lines even offer door-to-door transfers – making it even more seamless.

In either case, whatever style of cruise you’re looking for, we have the option for like-minded mature travellers. Contact one of our dedicated cruise experts today to discuss your next – or maybe your first cruise – holiday.

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