Meet MSC Cruises Newest Ship MSC Euribia


Meet MSC Cruises Newest Ship MSC Euribia

MSC Cruises recently announced that its brand-new ship, MSC Euribia, will offer sailings out of Southampton from October 2023 and throughout winter 2023/24. We are VERY excited about this, as it means us, UK cruisers, can take advantage of holidays at sea aboard one of the newest cruise ships (and most impressive) in the world! Her name comes from the Greek mythology, the goddess Eurybia who took advantage of the winds, the weather, and the constellations to dominate the seas.

Launching in 2023, MSC Euribia new ship  is set to be a truly sustainable ship – the second ship in the MSC fleet to be powered by liquid natural gas (LNG) fuel. MSC Euribia also boasts striking new features including original works of art on the decks and design features throughout the hull. The unique and iconic design by artist Alex Flämig, titled #SaveTheSea, has been chosen to represent MSC Cruises’ message of dedication to help protect the marine ecosystem.

On board, you can enjoy a range of entertainment options including original grand-scale shows in the theatre, the Coral Reef Aquapark – one of the biggest and most intricate waterparks at sea – and the casino. For those looking for relaxation, MSC Euribia offers 5 spectacular pools and the MSC Aurea Spa. Finally, MSC Euribia offers a choice of 10 dining venues and 21 bars offering gastronomic adventures with globally inspired menus.

MSC Euribia Ship

MSC Euribia Summer 2023 Northern Europe Cruises

This amazing and already popular ship will offer a variety of sailings in Northern Europe in 2023 from numerous departure ports, including Kiel (Germany) and Copenhagen.

Most of these sailings are 7-nights, however, there are a few 13-night options, plus, you can always book a back-to-back 7-night cruise and turn it into a longer 2-week holiday at sea.

On our website we offer All Inclusive Cruises for MSC. You can book an All Inclusive cruise holiday and forget about any additional charges, aside from things such as the spa, onboard shops, and spending money when ashore. Service charges are included in all cruise fares.

Don’t forget to ask about our cabin upgrades as on some sailings, you can book an inside cabin but receive a balcony grade! Yes, we really do have some fantastic offers available for a limited time only. CHeck with our agents to see what are the best offers avai

Meet MSC Cruises Newest Ship MSC Euribia

Coral Reef Aquapark at MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia Winter 2023/2024 from Southampton

Sailings aboard MSC Euribia departing from Southampton offer UK cruise lovers the chance to visit idyllic winter destinations including Amsterdam, Bruges, and Paris. Cruises start from five-night taster options to 21-night winter sun locations, which include the Canaries and Morocco.

This ships offers graet itineraries sailing from the UK, whick makes it even easier to plan your perfect 2023 cruise holiday. You can completely eliminate the need to fly and begin your holiday from the moment you step onboard at the port. It’s easy, it’s hassle free and it’s a great option for those hoping to get away with younger children. On that note, this ship is a superb choice if you are travelling with children. Her kids’ clubs facilities are out of this world and you can relax knowing they are taken care of, while you have some much needed down time.


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