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Costa Cruises is introducing a new cruise concept that encourages guests to explore the local cultures of the world through their own unique experiences, both onboard and ashore. With this in mind, the Italian based cruise line has completely overhauled how its guests spend their time, with the introduction of more intense and in-depth shoreside experiences, much longer days in port, and, onboard, the introduction of ‘Destination Dishes’ in the ships’ main restaurant.

Costa Cruises Destination Dishes

Each evening in the main dining room guests will be offered a Destination Dish. This dish is at no extra charge and can be order as an alternative to the standard menu. These dishes are created by one of three expert chefs, Bruno Barbieri, Ángel León or Hélène Darroze, each with their own unique take on the traditions and flavours of the destinations that you will visit.

Destination Dish Examples

 – Bruno Barbieri reveals the dish for Mykonos

Our tomato, cheese and frisella orzo, with swordfish tartare, oil, and lemon

 – Hélène Darroze reveals the dish for Lisbon

Brandade of cod au gratin with Italian sausage and breadcrumbs

 – Ángel León reveals the dish for Dubrovnik

Shrimp tartare marinated in white wine, garlic, parsley, citrus, and pepper

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To take things even further, the main menu has also been enriched with a more captivating look and more contemporary offerings, including a signature simple dish which will be offered every evening as an alternative to what is on the main menu, giving guests more freedom to enjoy something simple should they prefer.

Costa Cruises new itineraries Summer 2022 and Winter2022/2023

It’s time to explore the world as Costa takes you on a discovery like no other: from the beauty of nature in Northern Europe to the mysterious touch of the desert in the Arab Emirates and the vibrancy of the Mediterranean.

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The entire collection of Costa Cruises sailings can be found on our website and they include summer sailings around the Western and Eastern Mediterranean and the Greek Islands, among others. The collection also boasts an incredible 7-night cruise to the Emirates and Oman which is proving to be hugely popular! Numerous dates for this sailing are available.

Costa Firenze, Costa Toscana and Costa Venezia are three of the lines newest, most innovative, and most popular ships. Each one offers an array of exciting itineraries and in the case of Costa Venezia, you could be one of the first to enjoy one of her Turkey & Greek Isles sailings. These sailings include an overnight stay in Istanbul.

costa cruises

Costa Firenze is offering a variety of itineraries that include the Mediterranean, but the jewel in her crown this winter is her sailings to the Emirates. These sailings include stops in Muscat, Doha, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi and are the perfect winter sun option.

Costa Toscana is taking her guests on an environmentally friendly Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) adventure through the Mediterranean, with itineraries featuring Savona, Barcelona, Marseille, Naples, Valencia and many more.

As mentioned, the entire Summer 2022 and Winter 2022/23 Costa Cruises sailing collection can be found on our website and our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about cruising with Costa. You can also browse our amazing last minute cruise offers.

Basic fares start from just £499 per person for a 7-night cruise – all-inclusive upgrades are also available.

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