Booking holiday packages at Logitravel (Part 2)

Want to know more about booking holiday packages with us? Check out part 2!


Have you ever wondered how do holiday packages operate? After taking the first steps into how to book travel packages with Logitravel, we now move on to the second round of tips. The aim of this second part is to answer the questions that usually arise before and during the booking process.


Your travel general conditions will appear on our website during the booking process. Before finalising your purchase, please read them carefully and tick the box in order to continue. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us before confirming your booking.


While browsing our holiday packages and trying to select the best option, you may wonder if the rates for children and adults are the same. The answer is no. With our flight + hotel booking engine, the fares are prorated to the total of passengers. That means the system will show an average price per passenger taking into account the travellers. This is because the system calculates the fares combined so that the price of the flight + hotel is cheaper. The price of both services booked separately would be higher, as there are special rates for packages.

An example, if you want to book a flight + hotel for 2 adults and 1 child, the system applies the child’s discount, adds it to the price of adults and divides it by 3. This results on the same price for each passenger, but applying the discount of the child beforehand.

Actually, both children and babies pay much less than adults, always depending on the provider and the airline. The best way to find out the real price for adults and children is to do the search with adults only and then adding a child.

Adults and kids hotel rates

Discover our adults and children rates!


You shouldn’t worry about this, since this option is not available. All passengers within the same booking must travel on the same dates and from the same departure airport, and must hire the same services.

If you want any of the above services to be different (airport, dates, hotel, possible transfer or car), you must make a new reservation through our website.


In most of our holiday packages, in economy class, passengers can check in a 20 kg bag per person (unless it is a low cost company). If passengers carry more luggage than allowed within the free franchise, they must pay an extra cost.

In addition to checked luggage, passengers can carry with them a cabin bag. Usually the dimensions shouldn’t exceed 50 x 45 x 25 cm and the weight shouldn’t be greater than 10 kg per person. However, each airline and has its own policies and passengers must consult before travelling.

Hand and checked in baggage

Woman at the aiport with her hand bag


In general terms, any booking over £500 made at least 15 days prior to departure is eligible for a differed payment. Bear in mind that this option is not available on non refundable bookings. 

Here is how it works:

1.  Bookings made more than 15 days in advance. Pay 50% at the time of booking and the rest 10 days before departure.

2. Bookings made more than 35 days in advance. Pay 25% at the time of booking and the rest 30 days before departure.

3. Bookings made more than 65 days in advance. Pay 25% at the time of booking, another 25% 30 days after making the booking and the rest 30 days before departure.

Finally, the payment method must be indicated at the check out screen, right before purchasing. Usually, these are the available options: credit/debit card and PayPal.


Once your booking is completed, Logitravel starts the process of booking all the services (airlines, hotels, transfer companies, car rentals…). At this stage we are mainly confirming availability and booking your spot, and this process may take some time. Both our website and the email confirmation will show at all time the status of all the programmed services: Confirmed (OK) or Pending Confirmation (RQ).

In the event that one of the services is pending confirmation, our booking department will look into it. In a short period of time you will receive an email with an update on these pending services or we will contact you giving you instructions.


Mobile confirmation

Booking confirmation through your smart phone.


We hope with all these tips you feel you have all the information to book one of our holiday packages! As usual, if you come up with other doubts or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us. The next chapter of these tips will bring us closer to the departure day and everything that can happen until we arrive at our destination hotel.

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