Booking holiday packages at Logitravel (Part 1)

All you need to know to book a holiday package at Logitravel


Holiday packages make travel planning a lot easier. The mix of different services such as flights, accommodation and activities brings a lower cost and a more competitive price for our holidays. The task of finding or booking each item separately is simplified. You only have to buy the package, pack your bags and leave the house.

Today we start a set of tips that will be very helpful when you have doubts on how holiday packages work. At Logitravel this is one of our areas of expertise and that is why we want to share it with you. Along with thousands of travellers, their experiences, reviews and suggestions, we aim to continue growing and become your travel partner. Let’s begin!


The first thing you see once you enter Logitravel’s website is a menu whith different sections. The first one, “Holidays“, is dedicated to showing the user the different types of holidays, seasons and special dates. Here you will find our featured suggestions for all types of holidays (holiday packages, cruises, tours, etc.). The second one “Destinations” works very much like Holidays. This section will show you the featured products by destination. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, click on “Destinations” and this will lead you a browser where you can make your search. The rest of items on the menu will lead you the the specific area of business, for instance cruises or holiday packages.

Logitravel's website

Logitravel’s website


You have two main ways to browse a flight & hotel deal. One is clicking on the menu “Holiday Packages”, where you will see a display of our different suggestions for your holidays. The other option is to use the yellow booking box where you can make your search right away. Also note that you can change your closest departure airport on the upper right side of the page. This will allow you to see the prices from that airport. The steps to follow after that are:

1. Search and availability. Within the “Holiday Packages” tab you will be able to explore flight & hotel packages at different levels such as a destination like PortAventura, a holiday season such as summer or an area like the Caribbean. Once you select one of the options, you will see displayed the featured options and its prices. If any of this options looks interesting click on it and select the dates and number of travellers. This will lead you to the list of available flights & hotels with the one you chose at the top of the list.

Alternatively, you can directly search on the booking box and add the travellers details there. This will lead you to the same list but without displaying a preferred option.

2. Flight and Hotel selection. Now is the time to select the hotel, room and board that best suits us and check if we like the default flight (the cheapest option). If not, we will have the option to change the flights and if there is an extra cost, this will be recalculated.

3. Booking details and adding extras. Once you have selected your preferred trip we offer a summary of the booking in which we indicate the final price. Here you can double check all the details of your booking and also optionally add a car rental or a transfer.

If you want to continue with your booking, you will be sent to the check out page. You will need to fill in your personal and payment details and provide your email address and phone number. Alternatively you can Save a quote for later, and you will be sent an email with all the information so you can continue later.

4. Check-out and travellers data. This is the part where you fill in the information and also add all the extras such as additional cabin or checked baggage and where you can decide your payment option. Make sure you read and agree to all the observations and conditions!

5. Booking reference. At this stage we will show you your booking reference and you will receive an email indicating the status of your booking

Logitravel's holiday packages

Book a holiday package with Logitravel


You will get your documentation via email. Almost all airlines have their tickets in an electronic format so that won’t be a problem. All you need to do is print the documentation and carry it with you at all times. In case you travel with a low cost company, it is likely that you have to bring your boarding pass. To avoid any extra charge at the airport you will need to check-in through the company’s website with your flight’s booking reference, found in your documentation.

There are certain cases of pre-set packages or flights combinations with stopovers where we might need to send you additional documentation or even the boarding pass. We will do so around 10 days before departure. You must print it and take it with you on the trip as this will be required at the check in counter of the airline.


The modification or cancellation policies of a trip are frequent questions among travellers. You can either make changes or cancel a booking with Logitravel, but bear in mind that this may incur in additional charges. At the time of booking we specify the cancellation policies of that holiday package, and you can also find it on the general conditions.

To cancel or change a booking, you can do so through the CONTACT section. Send an email providing us with the booking reference and the change you wish to make. You can also send a message through the MY BOOKINGS section if you are logged in, by clicking on “see details” and “send an email”.

We hope this information can help you getting used to the idea of how holiday packages work in Logitravel. On our next post we will discuss further aspects that can also help you understand better how we work, so stay tuned!

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