5 Great reasons to book a cruise from the UK

Southampton, Liverpool, Tilbury, Dover, Newcastle, Rosyth, Belfast ...


No-fly cruising is more popular now than it ever has been and for many good reasons. The convenience of being able to sail directly from the UK is a huge appeal for many, especially those with young children that could find flying to join their chosen ship all a bit too much when it comes to toddler tantrums.

Today, we’re looking at 5 great reasons to book a cruise from the UK and we think you’ll agree, they make for a very good argument.

1: Within easy reach of a port

Cruises sail from numerous ports in the UK, including Southampton, Tilbury, Liverpool, Newcastle, Rosyth, Dover, and Portsmouth, so you’re always within easy reach of a port whether arriving by rail or road. It just makes life so much easier, plus, you can always arrive the evening before and enjoy a relaxing morning before embarking on your chosen cruise ship.

Cruises from Liverpool

Cruise ship in Liverpool UK with famous Liverbirds in the background

2: Destinations are endless

Some people have the common misconception that ships sailing from the UK tend to only go as far as the likes of Norway or the Mediterranean, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. No-fly cruises can quite literally take you around the world, so there’s no end to the places you can explore. Step aboard and head to the likes of South America, Africa or even as far as Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific.

3: Forget the airport

For those who don’t want to fly to join their ship or can’t fly for medical reasons, no-fly cruises are the perfect option. As mentioned above, the destination prospects are endless, so you can go wherever takes your fancy, but you can do so without the stress of navigating an airport, arriving several hours before your flight, or having to deal with any flight delays or cancellations. It really is a no brainer and even better if there’s a cruiselink coach service – that way you don’t even need to drive, think about rail, or even touch your luggage again before it arrives safely in your cabin.

Anthem of the Seas from Southampton

Royal Caribbean Cruises from Southampton

4: Amazing offers

Every year, hundreds of sailings begin and end in the UK and you can often find some incredible offers, both early-bird booking and last-minute – it just depends on what you’re looking for. If you want maximum choice, even down to your stateroom, then booking early is the best option and there are always lots of incentives available to tempt you. If you have the luxury of being able to drop and go, then last-minute offers are the best for you – you can save hundreds of pounds on the sailing, but likely won’t be offered any packages and may have to ‘take what you get’ when it comes to your stateroom allocation. Not the be all and end all, though.

5: Dozens of cruise ships to choose from

That’s right! You literally have dozens of ships to choose from and from numerous cruise lines. If you want family-friendly with lots to do, then consider the likes of MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean or Carnival. If you want to enjoy a family holiday that still has lots of options for kids, but maybe isn’t as high on the adrenalin factor, then the likes of P&O Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises would be wise contenders. Adult-only and something more intimate and traditional would steer you toward Fred. Olsen and Ambassador, and for ultimate traditional cruise luxury, look no further than Cunard.

We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to how convenient cruising directly from the UK is, but we’re sure we’ve tempted you, so why not check out some of our current deals on no-fly cruises.

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