The Mini Cruise – Ideal In Winter And Summer

What is a Mini Cruise?


So, what is a mini cruise? Well, a mini cruise typically refers to a short cruise holiday that lasts for a few days, typically two to five nights. These cruises are shorter in duration compared to traditional cruises, which can last a week or more. Short Break cruises are often chosen by people who want a quick getaway or those who are new to cruising and want to experience it without committing to a longer trip.

They are also a great choice for those that maybe want to combine a shorter cruise with a land stay holiday, and we can tailor-make those packages for you, including flights and hotel accommodation. If sailing from the UK, they also cut out the need to fly, as you can sail directly from several UK ports and return to the same UK port.

These Are Some Key Features Of Mini Cruise Holidays

Short Duration

Mini cruises are designed to be brief, usually lasting anywhere from two to five nights. They are ideal for individuals or families looking for a short holiday or a weekend escape.


Mini cruises often visit nearby or popular coastal destinations, making it easy to explore multiple cities or islands in a short time. Common destinations include coastal cities and towns in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Norwegian Fjords, and more.

Onboard Amenities

Despite their shorter duration, mini cruises offer a range of onboard amenities and activities, including dining options, entertainment, spa services, and recreational facilities like pools and fitness centres.

Value for Money

Mini cruises can be a cost-effective way to experience a cruise holiday, as they typically have lower fares compared to longer cruises.

Ideal for First-Timers

Mini cruises are often recommended for individuals who are new to cruising. They provide a taste of the cruise experience without the commitment of a longer voyage, allowing passengers to determine if they enjoy cruising and want to do it again.

Read about how to choose your first cruise here.

Weekend Getaways

Many mini cruises depart on weekends, making them convenient for people looking to escape for a short period, such as over a long weekend, without taking too much time off work.

Christmas Markets

In the run up to the festive season, many cruise lines offer mini cruises to European destinations where guests can experience Christmas Markets. Discover all our Christmas Market Cruises here. These is a great choice for anyone who wants to get into the festive spirit without sailing during Christmas. New Year mini cruises are also very popular, but these do sell quickly so we recommend booking in advance.

Christmas Market Cruises

Christmas Market Cruises

When booking a mini cruise, it’s essential to research the cruise line, itinerary, and amenities to ensure it meets your preferences and expectations. Our Cruise Experts can help you plan every aspect of your trip and as noted, we can tailor-make packages to include land holidays pre-and-or-post cruise. We offer a variety of accommodation options and regional flight departures.


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