All you can’t miss on a trip to Morocco during Winter


Morocco is one of those destinations that can be visited at any time of the year, including the Winter season, when its typical Mediterranean climate presents very pleasant temperatures between 8 and 20ºC, perfect for doing tourism.

We tell you all the plans that you can’t miss on your next trip to Morocco. Will not disappoint you!


Medine of Marrakech

If you want to discover the authenticity of the country, we recommend discovering its nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and its six Intangible Cultural Heritage sites, where time seems to have stopped completely.

Among all of them, the medinas of Marrakech, Fez, Tetouan and Essaouira stand out, as well as the Ksar Aït Ben Haddou, in Ouarzazate, for its incredible architecture and its excellent states of conservation; and the archaeological Roman ruins of Volubilis. The historic city of Meknes, the Portuguese city of Mazagan and the Oudayas’ Kasbah in Rabat, for its perfect combination of tradition and modernity, are also part of the UNESCO list.

Of course, you can’t miss visiting its main museums either, where you can discover everything about the history and traditions of this wonderful destination in North Africa. It’s worth mentioning the Ethnographic Dar Al Batha in Fez; Ethnographic Dar Belghazi Museum in Bouknadel; the Museum of History and Civilization (Archaeology) in Rabat; the Mohamed VI Museum in Rabat, with modern art works; the Water Museum in Marrakesh; the National Museum of Ceramics in Safi and the Museum of Laâyoune, which pays homage to the nomads.

It’s not surprising that typical Moroccan crafts are recognized as intangible heritage, since it is very varied and maintains the oldest techniques and tools, although in some cases modern machinery is already used.

Visiting its traditional markets, such as the one permanently established in the spectacular Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech, you can buy all kinds of items, such as jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, carpets, ceramics, pottery, wrought iron objects, leather, etc. You will not return home empty-handed.

And if you want to get much closer to Moroccan customs, don’t miss essential events on the country’s agenda and cultural music and dance meetings that take place in different parts of its geography throughout the year.


region of Ouarzazate

Region of Ouarzazate

For nature lovers and active tourism, Morocco is home to a large number of fascinating landscapes that are worth discovering.

The southern region of Ouarzazate presents a great variety of natural spaces, with very special lights and colours, ranging from the great golden dunes, the refreshing and blue oases; the leafy green valleys and the ochre coloured kasbahs. An activity that surprises all profiles of tourists is camping in the desert to admire the beautiful starry sky or, why not, practice trekking, hiking or snow sports in the great Atlas Mountains.

Ski lovers will also find their ideal destination in Ifrane, as it has extensive ski slopes that make it called the “Little Moroccan Switzerland”. In addition, its beauty is completely amazing, with an incomparable architectural stamp, large lakes and cedar forests.

For those who prefer water activities, Dakhla is our great recommendation. In this place,  known as “the land of oysters”, you will have the possibility of kitesurfing, surfing, diving and practicing yoga, among others, in its large lagoon.

In addition, for all its green landscapes it is possible to take interesting hiking and cycling routes, and even ride a hot air balloon to admire the natural beauty of Morocco from above.



Although before we talked about the cultural level of Morocco, we can’t finish this blog without first dedicating a section to its gastronomy, its culinary art. Its recipe book is made up of a great variety of flavours and smells that make you fall in love, the result of the mixture of Amazigh, Arab-Andalusian and Jewish traditions.

Among its most outstanding dishes, it’s necessary to mention the couscous, the tajine, the pastilla, the mrouzia and the r`fissa. For desserts, how do gazelle horns, briouates with honey and ghriba sound? All this, cooked with the spectacular Argan oil, orange blossom water, local products, and the tastiest spices.

Also, don’t settle for tasting these dishes in their restaurants. Go ahead and sign up for a cooking class or take a very special Moroccan food tour. You won’t regret…

Visit Morocco and fall in love at first sight!

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