The Best Mediterranean Embarkation Ports

Well-connected ports to the UK


The choice of the best Mediterranean embarkation port can depend on various factors, including your personal preferences, the cruise itinerary you’re interested in, and your travel logistics, but these are some of our favourites. Why? Because they offer good connections from regional UK airports, and we can offer a variety of package options. Including flights and hotel stays. We can even tailor-make a package for you that will allow you to mix your cruise holiday with a land stay.

You could start or end your cruise with a week-long land stay in places such as Barcelona, Genoa, Malaga, Athens, or Istanbul. It’s a chance to really soak up the culture of your embarkation port, instead of only seeing it briefly from the deck of your chosen cruise ship. However you want to do it, we can create the perfect package for you and often with a selection of regional flight departures.

Best Mediterranean Embarkation Ports

Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is one of the most popular cruise embarkation ports in the Mediterranean. It offers a stunning blend of culture, history, and modernity. You can explore the city’s famous landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell before or after your cruise. Barcelona’s airport is well-connected, making it convenient for international travellers.

Venice, Italy: Venice is a romantic and iconic city to begin your Mediterranean cruise. The experience of sailing through the Venetian canals is a highlight for many. Venice also allows you to explore this enchanting city known for its art, architecture, and history.

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy: Civitavecchia is the closest port to Rome, making it an excellent choice if you want to explore the Eternal City before or after your cruise. You can easily reach Rome by train or a cruise line transfer.

Athens (Piraeus), Greece: Piraeus is the port for Athens, the cradle of Western civilisation. You can explore the ancient ruins of the Acropolis and other historical sites before setting sail to the Greek Islands or other Mediterranean destinations.

Palma, Mallorca: Palma’s cruise port is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean. Many cruise ships dock here as part of their Mediterranean itineraries. The port is conveniently located near the city centre, making it easy for cruise passengers to explore.

Port of Palma

Port of Palma, Majorca

Istanbul, Turkey: While Istanbul is technically at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it’s often included in Mediterranean cruise itineraries. It offers a unique blend of cultures and historical sites.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dubrovnik is known for its well-preserved medieval walls and stunning Adriatic coastline. It’s a charming port for exploring the Dalmatian coast.

Malaga, Spain: Located on the Costa del Sol, Malaga offers a mix of culture, history, and beautiful beaches. It’s a great starting point for exploring southern Spain.

Genoa, Italy: Genoa is a historic port city that provides access to the Italian Riviera and nearby attractions like Portofino and Cinque Terre.

Port of Malaga

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